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Do you ever feel like your brain just isn’t working right?  Do you lay awake at night repeating over and over in your mind all the things you are worried about?  Do you feel like there is background chatter going on all day long and into the night?  How’s your sleep?

Neurofeedback has been around for many years.  The medical community calls it EEG Biofeedback.  Most people just call it brain training.  It is a system that teaches the brain to listen to itself so it can self-regulate.  An Assessment is done in the beginning which creates a Brain Map.  The Brain Map is a guide full of charts and numbers that tell us what each brain wave is doing during different phases of your day and night.  Eyes Open (thinking) Eyes Closed (sleeping) and at Task (working).  In the Brain Map we are looking for imbalances between brain waves within each lobe and between all lobes of the brain.  But you don’t have to worry about any of those complicated things.  You just need to get in the comfortable chair and listen to your brain in real time!  Sometimes your eyes will be open, other times you’ll close your eyes and drift off into total relaxation.

    Service Overview

    Services are by Appointment Only

    Home Visits available for an extra travel fee.  Intensive Brain Training can be done in your home with up to 3 family members can be trained during the decided upon dates.  Pricing is based on distance and number of family members training.  A private room and bath must be provided, as well as meals.  A separate room for brain training that is quiet and private is prefered.

    Many people suffer daily and do not realize that there is hope.  Contact us today to see if we believe we can help you.

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    Price List of Treatments

    • Brain Assessment
    • Brain Training 50 minutes
    • LLLT 5 minutes
    • BAUD session 25 minutes
    • Hydrogen Gas 20 minutes
    • Chiropractic Adjustment 20 minutes

    Prepaid Treatments

    • Intensive Brain Training 15 session incl. Brain Map
    • Weight loss Program per month includes supplements
    • Nutritional Counseling per hour
    • EWOT session

    Medical Walk-in Process

    No Appointment Needed

    An appointment is not required in order to receive care. For this reason, patients do not have to plan out when they can come in. Simply walk in and you’ll be seen.

    Licensed Professionals

    Urgent care physicians and nurses offer high-quanlity care. They are licensed and recognized as reputable members of the healthcare industry.

    Cost Effective

    The cost of seeing a physician at a medical immediate care facility will be much more affordable than seeing a physician in an emergency room.

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